The Adventures of Aquarius Boy – p.8

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Thunder rumbled and the storm kept Aquarius Boy and the Lion together in their tiny refuge, though neither of them spoke for a long time. Each was convinced that the other was being stubborn and short-sighted.

The Lion began snoring softly. Aquarius Boy had not noticed him fall asleep. He crept to the opening between the boulders and peered out into the rain. He could still see the tree a short distance away, and the starlings were still huddled in its branches.

With a quick glance over his shoulder at the sleeping Lion, Aquarius Boy ducked out and ran to the tree. By the time he had reached it, he was soaked through, but as determined as ever. He looked up at the birds, and fancied that they were looking back at him, waiting for him to come up to meet them. One slippery hold at a time, he made his way up the trunk, wincing each time the lightning flashed, but never giving up until he had reached a high branch where he could sit near the starlings.

The birds were no longer chirping; they had watched in fear as this boy ascended the tree, but did not fly away because of the storm. They stared in silence at Aquarius Boy, and he laughed.

“What a somber welcome! Aren’t you even going to say ‘Hello’ or anything?”


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