Cornflower’s New Name – p.2

July 6, 2011 at 4:45 pm 1 comment

In her dreams, Cornflower was standing shoulder to shoulder in a line of women. They were all facing east, holding their hands out. She looked over to the left and then the right, but the line of women stretched away in both directions into the darkness. It was nearly dawn, and the ground beneath her feet was cold and hard.

Looking down, she noticed shapes in the dirt, but they held no meaning for her. She stared at them trying to understand, but they blurred and faded until Cornflower realized she was awake in her room, looking at the shadows on the wall. She did not sleep any more that night.

After morning’s meal, and after a long list of chores done for her grandmother, Cornflower sought out her favorite spot by the river, a flat stone nearly hidden amongst some very tall reeds. There she sat, deep in thought, dangling her feet in the cool water. For once she did not feel like playing with the other children, and that in itself bothered her greatly. She had to figure out her vision before the naming ceremony. She was certain that it was important.


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  • 1. Craig T Adams  |  July 7, 2011 at 8:19 am

    Just had time to read this before the lightning and thunder got so close I had to shut down the machine for most of the night! Can’t wait for the next chapter. 🙂


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