Cornflower’s New Name – p.7

July 18, 2011 at 5:19 pm 1 comment

It was not long into her task of holding still that Cornflower began to feel the urge to fidget. The thought of the giant spider lurking somewhere watching kept her from acting on those urges. Her nose itched; she dared not even wiggle it. Her knees were locked; she dared not relax them. She was still staring at the exact same spot some five yards in front of her that she had been when the spider left.

It was a pretty boring spot.

The trees surrounding Cornflower had thick trunks, but all the foliage was higher up towards the forest canopy. The view directly before her was of nothing more exciting than a dense pack of bare gray trunks, with hardly any shapes or patterns in the bark at all. She let her focus go fuzzy, trying to see out of the corners of her eyes…and was rewarded with blurry visions of more boring tree trunks. She sighed.

The sound of her sigh seemed like a shout in the quiet of the woods, and Cornflower instinctively clapped a hand to her mouth. This was also loud, and she realized with horror, definitely counted as a movement. She immediately dropped her hand back to where it had been and resumed her former stillness, but now she was nearly panting and beads of sweat formed on her forehead. Cornflower listened, straining her concentration, trying to determine if the spider was close by, but all she could hear was her own racing heartbeat.


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