Cornflower’s New Name – p.10

July 25, 2011 at 10:05 pm 1 comment

Cornflower stared at her upturned palms in a daze. In her vision, there had been women to the left and right as far as the eye could see, but here and now she was alone. She remembered that there had been strange shapes in the dirt, so she looked down, but saw only leaves and twigs and her own tired feet.

She left her hands where they were, deciding that if the spider were to return and claim she had moved, she would argue back that she was following her vision. It was certainly more difficult to hold them up than to let them hang at her sides, so she figured that might count in her favor.

One by one the fireflies winked out, finishing up their nightly courting dance, until at last Cornflower stood in total darkness. Sounds of animals hunting for food surrounded her, and she could hear every small step on the forest floor, every growl amidst the trees, every flutter of wings above. In her drowsy state, however, the thought of being attacked seemed absurd; the noises she heard in the woods seemed as part of a dream or of a dance performed by the men of her tribe. She could hear them, and see them in her mind, but she did not feel as if she were really there, and part of it. She did not believe that she was in any danger.

It took her a long time to register that she felt movement by her feet, as if something smooth and heavy were sliding over her toes.


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