The Journey of Blue Jax – p.2

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Jax sat in her toadstool, which was hollowed out and decorated with dried flowers and berries. The decorations did not bring her cheer, though, for the winter was coming on early this year. She shivered and shook, clapping her hands and flapping her wings to try to warm herself, but it wasn’t working. She began to pace back and forth, and as she did, she thought about how to keep out the chill.

Maybe I should try to make a quilt out of wild cat hair, she thought.

No, shedding season is over, she answered herself.

Perhaps I can find some soft leaves to roll up in, she thought.

Yes, the first frost hasn’t fallen yet, go out and look, she answered herself. And so, she went.

The forest was alive with a cold and blustery wind. Jax tucked her wings in tight and resolved to walk, for flying in such weather would be too dangerous. Each time she spied a good green leaf, it would be whisked away by a gust before she could reach it. She decided at last to try to climb a tree and pick some leaves before they had a chance to blow away. She spied a short distance away a sapling oak, bending this way and that in the wind, the slender top cracking at the ground like a whip.


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