The Journey of Blue Jax – p.3

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Tucking her chin to her chest, Jax made her way against the wind towards the young oak tree. When she came to within three feet of it, she had to stop, or else risk being smacked by its top branch as it flailed to and fro. Without a plan, she was not sure how to get a leaf from the dangerous tree and so ended up just walking around it in a wide circle, watching and waiting for an opening.

The wind was not letting up, and no openings presented themselves.

Jax clenched her tiny fists and pouted as she continued to circle the sapling. Then, to her dismay, she heard a noise that she knew only too well—it was the call of a clawfoot elk, soon followed by another and another. A herd was coming in her direction. They didn’t eat fairies but neither were they too careful about where they tramped the ground, so Jax ran off to the safety of a much larger tree and nestled between two large roots to wait for them to pass.

Presently the sound of their hooves could be heard, and then twenty-odd of them came into view, their spotted coats shining in the fading sunlight. The green snow flurry had begun again, and the mossy clawfoot elk were nearly perfectly camouflaged.


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