The Journey of Blue Jax – p.6

October 25, 2011 at 4:03 pm 1 comment

As Jax stared at her tiny toadstool home, she felt both relief and guilt. On the one hand, she felt that the others had finally gotten what was coming to them for treating her poorly her whole life; but on the other hand, the thought of children suffering in the cold while she stayed snug in her home made her feel terrible.

She then thought that she might offer her home for use by the others, but it was hardly large enough for her, let alone a whole clan.

Jax went inside and looked around. Her few belongings and decorations looked ridiculous to her now. She dropped the oak leaves she’d been carrying and went back outside to try to find a big stick. She located one nearby. Though it took all her strength, she managed to lift it, and beating her tiny blue wings as fast and as hard as she could, she managed to get into the air.

She flew just above her toadstool, and with a frown, dropped the stick. Her home was destroyed. She landed and caught her breath for a few minutes, then headed in the direction that the clawfoot elk had gone.


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