The Journey of Blue Jax – p.12

November 10, 2011 at 4:35 pm 1 comment

“I’m following a herd of clawfoot elk. They trampled our village,” Jax said, and lowered her hands to her lap, still amazed at being able to feel the bird in her palm without seeing it.

“I see,” said the troll, “and what are you planning to do when you catch up with them?”

Jax pursed her lips. She did not want to admit that she’d left her clan in a silent rage, with no clear idea of what she was doing. She wasn’t fool enough to think any petty acts of revenge would bring back everyone’s homes, or that she could stand alone against a herd. “I just need to know where they went,” she offered, but knew it sounded weak. For some reason, it sounded good and true in her mind.

The troll was staring at her in earnest now, trying to read her eyes, her expression, looking for something. After a time he said, his voice more measured and gruff than before, “Then what? Hmm? What is important about the place they go to?”

She had no answer. All that was left to her was to admit that she was being reckless and impetuous. She would have to give the Biding Bird back to the troll. Dumb luck, which had always been her bosom companion, had finally abandoned her, and her choices were her own to deal with and resolve. Jax felt herself beginning to cry, but squeezed her eyes shut. She did not see the teardrop that fell into her lap, but the troll did. It had landed on the bird, whose plumage began to brighten and change.


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