The Journey of Blue Jax – p.18

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The journey back to her home was uneventful, and when Jax arrived she was pleased to see that all the snow was gone. The Biding Bird’s reach was vast, it seemed. She walked through the remnants of mushroom homes, but didn’t see anyone around. She flew up a few feet off the ground to get a better view, and the bird followed her. Finally she spotted two young fairy lads walking together, carrying armloads of nuts and seeds. She flew down to them. “Hey!”

The two fairies turned, shocked to see her. “Blue Jax,” said one of the lads, “we took you for lost.”

“Or for abandoning us in our time of need, more like,” said the other.

Jax let the insult roll off her back, there were more important things to deal with now. “I’ve followed the clawfoot elk to a place where winter does not come. I am here to take you all back with me.” As she spoke, the Biding Bird landed on her shoulder.

The second fairy spoke again. “We’ll never make that kind of a journey, even if you are telling the truth; why would we want to live among the creatures who destroyed our homes?”

The bird sang then, sharp short notes, as if trying to scold the fairy lad. Jax laughed and said, “I don’t think the legendary Biding Bird likes the tone of your voice.”


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