The Journey of Blue Jax – p.19

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The two fairy lads stared at the Biding Bird, which was the most beautiful thing either one of them had ever seen; so beautiful that they no longer questioned Jax’s story, for there could be no doubt that this was the bird of legend. They ran with Jax back to the rest of the fairies, who had taken shelter in an old rabbit burrow. Young and old came crawling out and gathered to hear Jax’s plan. Some of the older fairies wept when they saw the Biding Bird, and all agreed to relocate to the winterless valley.

The next morning, everyone assembled again, and Jax stood before them. “Is everyone accounted for, and are you all prepared?”

Heads of green hair nodded, positive words were mumbled, but overall the crowd was silent, still in awe of what was happening.

“All right then, here we go,” said Jax, and the Biding Bird, who had been on her shoulder, flew up over the fairies. “Biding Bird, please bide my clan.”

The bird spread its wings and the fairies vanished.

“Now comes the fun part,” Jax said, and she flew up to a high branch of a nearby tree. “Biding Bird, bide the clawfoot elk no longer.” Once again, the bird spread its wings, and suddenly the entire herd of elk appeared on the ground below. They were in shock and stood almost perfectly still, their eyes wide and their nostrils flared.

Jax shouted, “Quickly now, before they have a chance to run – Biding Bird, bide the snow no longer!”


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