Shaardul Cleans Up – p.6

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The night wore on, and Shaardul’s hunt continued; the creature he was tracking was very fast, indeed, and he began to fear he might go hungry. He wondered again whether the monkeys would be good to eat, but in a rare moment of clarity he realized that if he ate one, the rest of them would never come close enough to be caught after that, and he’d be back where he was now.

Just then he picked up a new scent; he stopped and opened his mouth, letting the smell wash over his tongue as he inhaled through his mouth and nose. He growled; it was a female tiger, and she was coming towards him. He hoped she wasn’t hunting the same prey that he was, or that he’d somehow crossed into her hunting grounds. He was too tired for a fight.

She came into view, and locked eyes with him immediately. “Shaardul! I come with a message,” she said.

“A message? What message?” Shaardul asked, annoyed with this delay in the catching of his dinner.

“We in the jungle condemn you, and renounce you. Mine will be your last peaceful contact with our kind; any tiger who spies you walking on the ground will have the right to attack. From this moment, you must live in the trees, Shaardul of the Monkeys.”


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