Shaardul Cleans Up – p.9

January 25, 2012 at 10:07 pm 1 comment

Without thinking, Shaardul leapt from branch to branch, faster than he’d ever moved in his life, and landed in the middle of the monkeys’ tree. The monkeys were shocked into an uncommon moment of silence, and before they could make a sound or move, Shaardul had lunged towards them, and grabbed a mango from the nearest one. He crushed it with his powerful jaws, eating it whole in a matter of seconds.

He made another lunge but the monkeys had recovered themselves by then, and all scrambled out of his way. In the confusion, several mangoes fell to the ground. The monkeys began to screech, angry and confused. Shaardul looked down at the fallen fruit, then back up at the monkeys. He decided to take his chances on the ground.

He made his way down the tree trunk, his claws digging and ripping at the bark, the muscles in his legs aching with effort and lack of nourishment. When he was about ten feet from the bottom, he pushed himself off and landed on his wobbly legs, and then began to devour the mangoes. Shaardul was not fond of fruit, but anything that filled his belly was welcome, and if it couldn’t fight back, so much the better.

The monkeys had continued shrieking down at him, but as Shaardul was finishing the last mango, they suddenly went silent again. He looked around, and saw an older male tiger approaching from the north.


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