Shaardul Cleans Up – p.10

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“Shaardul,” said the tiger, “why are you not up in your tree?”

“I came down to eat,” Shaardul answered. He felt the grumpiness in his gut growing stronger, and he growled a little.

“Oh? Do you value your life so little, or have your fellow monkeys cast you out already?”

The two tigers began to circle each other. Shaardul was showing his teeth, and he was very agitated. He did not know whether he could win, but he was tired of giving up. He did not care what the other tigers thought of him, but he could no longer stomach being treated like this.

The older male made the first strike, swatting at Shaardul’s head with his massive paw. Shaardul ducked down just in time and lunged at the other tiger’s legs. He had never moved so fast in his life, and it surprised him. He hoped that he could survive, for all of a sudden he really felt like hunting, and not just small, slow prey, but something that would really fill him up for once.

Just no monkeys.

The fighting cats tumbled and pounced, pushing each other back and forth, covering a lot of ground. Other animals along their haphazard route watched the passing brawl in awe, finding it hard to believe that lazy Shaardul could be so strong and fierce.


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