Story #6 – Slumber Bumm and the Red Wolf’s Toast – p.7

March 7, 2012 at 10:18 pm 1 comment

Slumber Bumm had been snoring outside the red wolf’s cage for a good half hour when Big Bob Burr showed up. This time, instead of laughing hysterically at the toast, his eyes grew wide and he hissed at the wolf, “What did you do? The bear was sent to free ya, not bring more confounded toast!”

The red wolf began to pace. He no longer felt like sulking.

“If I got caught picking your lock I’d lose my job,” Big Bob continued. “If sleeping beauty here does it, all that will happen is they’ll start looking for a new wolf.” He looked around, making sure they were quite alone. “Not that they aren’t already, ya know.” He picked up the hair pin and put it into Slumber Bumm’s paw. Then he whistled a short set of notes, and walked away as fast as he could.

Slumber Bumm began to work on the lock of the red wolf’s cage again. The red wolf remained silent, but continued to pace. His wish was coming true. He couldn’t understand why the circus strong man was helping him, but resolved to pay him back somehow.

Just as the lock clicked and the cage door opened, Clive Smythe the Ringmaster came out of his trailer, and froze when he saw what was happening.


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Story #6 – Slumber Bumm and the Red Wolf’s Toast – p.6 Story #6 – Slumber Bumm and the Red Wolf’s Toast – p.8

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