Lady Silver of the Spring – p.5

April 9, 2012 at 10:53 am 1 comment

The girl’s eyes flashed wide as the cold water of the spring filled her lungs and she realized that there was no pain. She was breathing underwater like a fish. She stared down at the silver ring in her hand. There were markings along the band that were not there before. She slipped it onto her finger, and floated there at the bottom of the spring, wondering how the boy on the horse had come to possess such a treasure.

She felt guilty then, thinking that she was using the power of the ring without the boy’s knowledge or permission, and vowed to remove it as soon as she swam back to the surface, and to continue to hold it safe until his return.

The swim up was much quicker and easier than the swim down, now that she didn’t have to worry about holding her breath. The girl found that she was happy, despite her guilty feelings about the ring. She had not been this happy in as long as she could remember. She turned a flip in the water, and laughed at herself.

The girl reached the surface and poked her head up out of the spring. The water sat in her lungs, and she could not breathe the air. She started to cough, and before long to choke, so she tried to remove the ring, but it was stuck fast. She dipped her head back under, and began to breathe the water again.


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