Lady Silver of the Spring – p.7

April 13, 2012 at 3:24 pm 1 comment

“That ring’s been passed down in the royal family for seven generations now,” the old woman said. She was leaning on the side of the spring, and wrapped in a deep purple cloak. “You are not a royal, I’ll wager.”

The girl shook her head, her eyes wide. She was grateful that the woman was with her on this dark night, even if she got the feeling that learning more about the silver ring would only prove her situation to be hopeless.

“I thought not.” The woman settled herself on the side of the spring, and let out a gravelly sigh. “Neither do you seem to be so poor and hungry that ye’d have stolen it, so I can only guess that the one who carried it lost it, and ye found it.” She turned and looked into the girl’s eyes. “No, ye meant no harm.” She squinted, then smiled in a sad sort of way. “Ye didn’t even intend to keep it for yerself. Poor lass!”

The girl began to shiver. The woman was reading her mind, and the more she spoke, the more the girl became convinced that this curse was serious and irreversible. Tears began to run down her cheeks, so she dipped her face back underwater.

“Here now,” shouted the old woman, “don’t swim off, no need for despair. He’ll be back…”


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