Lady Silver of the Spring – p.13

May 2, 2012 at 4:58 pm 1 comment

The old woman turned her back on the boy and walked over to the spring. “Come over to me, dear, pay him no mind.” She sat by the water, pulled her purple cloak aside and held out her hand.

The girl wasn’t sure what to think, or whom to trust, but she swam over to the old woman just the same, and reached out. As their hands met, the circle of markings she’d made on the bottom of the spring began to glow with a silvery light.

The boy on the horse laughed. “Melinda, it’s happening! I can’t believe after all this time-”

“Silence!” The old woman snapped. She pulled the girl a little closer, holding her by the wrist, and mumbled under her breath, “I release thee.” Then she took the ring off the girl’s finger, without effort, and tossed it back into the water. It sank to the bottom, and as it hit it vanished, along with the circle of runes and the silver light.

The girl coughed and all the water in her lungs dried up. She took a deep, cleansing breath of air. Before she could speak, the old woman pulled her out of the spring and threw the purple cloak over her.

Only Melinda wasn’t old anymore.


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