Lady Silver of the Spring – p.14

May 4, 2012 at 5:27 pm 1 comment

The old woman was now a beautiful maiden, and the boy, still on his horse, was now a full grown man with a thick beard.

The girl tried to speak and her voice came out weak and scratchy from disuse. “What-? Who-?”

The woman pressed the cloak more tightly around her. “Shh, you need rest. I will explain it all presently.” Her voice was now soft and melodic, her eyes bright, and she seemed a bit taller.

“We must be away now,” said the man on the horse. His voice was deep and strong. “Ha! It feels good to be myself again. But hurry, Melinda, come!”

“You will sit there until I am satisfied that this girl is well enough to travel.”

“Travel? Surely you do not mean to take her with us?”

Melinda turned on him, eyes wide. “Yes, I do!” She sat back down next to the girl and helped her begin to dry off. “King you may well be by nightfall but for now all I can see is an impatient boy throwing a tantrum! What is one more hour after two hundred years?”

The girl spoke again, her voice coming out clearer now. “Two hundred years?”

“That ring,” Melinda said, “was given to me seven generations ago by a jealous, fiendish creature. After all this time you finally broke the curse.”


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