Lady Silver of the Spring – p.17

May 10, 2012 at 5:29 pm 1 comment

The goblin had appeared, a hairless creature with dirty greenish skin and yellow eyes. He looked at the girl, who sat shivering under the purple cloak, and pointed a warty finger at her. “This is the one who broke my spell?”

No one answered him, not even the haughty Melinda.

“This is the one who destroyed my ring?” he asked. “This girl bore the curse?”

Still no one moved. The goblin walked up to where the girl and Melinda sat and leaned in close, and the girl was surprised to find that when he spoke, his breath smelled of honey. “Does she have a name, this girl?”

Melinda looked over at the prince, but he shook his head. Neither of them had bothered to ask.

The goblin poked Melinda on the arm, hard. “It should have been you!” He began to pace then, never taking his eyes off of the girl. “Since your sacrifice has given them protection from my influence, I cannot exact my revenge on them.” He looked over at the prince then, and frowned. “I suppose they will marry, and spawn a royal brood.” He then turned back to the girl. “You, however, will have to answer for ruining my scheme, and they cannot help you, nor stop what is about to happen.”


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