Lady Silver of the Spring – p.18

May 11, 2012 at 1:57 pm 1 comment

“What is your name?” the goblin asked.

The girl was frightened but answered, “I have none. I live alone.”

The goblin laughed then, a terrific cacophony that silenced every bird and beast within a league around. “But how perfect! Then you won’t mind if I christen you,” and as he said this, he bent to cup some water and trickled it over the girl’s head. “Rise now, Lady Silver of the Spring.”

Suddenly the land around them began to shake, and the spring itself shone with a light just as it had before. Melinda and the girl jumped up and ran to the prince, but he was already trying to urge his mount to flee. They became trapped presently by thick walls of pure white marble rising from the earth around them.

Stone, dust, water and plants were swirling about, making a new landscape, all the while the goblin laughed and laughed.

When everything finally settled, they found themselves standing in the courtyard of the greatest, most beautiful castle the world had ever seen. The spring sat at at its center, and the goblin stood next to it, grinning. “Welcome to my home, mortals.” He pointed at the girl. “Now, on to business.”


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