Cedar Stormchaser – p.8

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Cedar flailed and swatted, but he could not strike the bird. The bird, however, was having no trouble at all in delivering punishment to Cedar.

“AWK! Will you fight the storm like this? I think not,” cried the bird.

“Stop!” Cedar shouted back, desperate to land a blow, but always missing. The bird was flying in random directions, and the wind from its wings got so fierce that Cedar had to shut his eyes. Unable to see the bird, he paused in his useless attack, and in that space of time he found he could feel the wind just before hearing the bird’s movement. He concentrated on that, and in his stillness the bird ceased pecking at him.

“It’s good you are giving up.”

“No, not giving up, just waiting,” Cedar said. He slowly raised his arms, felt the bird peck at him once or twice, but did not flinch this time. When a strong gust blew across his left hand, he reached out quickly and felt feathers. He closed his fingers and as the bird’s wing pulled away, Cedar was holding three long feathers.

“AWK! AWK!” The bird shrieked and then went silent. Cedar did not feel the wind anymore, so he slowly opened his eyes. The bird was gone. Cedar was covered in small scratches, but he smiled through the pain. He tied the three feathers into his hair, thinking how proud his grandmother would be, and looked forward to showing them to her.


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