Cedar Stormchaser – p.9

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The grass had all but disappeared underfoot, and Cedar had to slow his pace because his steps were kicking up so much dust. He’d walked far enough that he could see the rain from the storm on the horizon, a wall of grey lines connecting clouds and earth. Cedar passed some brown plants, low to the ground and stiff, and the further he walked the fewer signs of life he saw. He took the rest of the quenching herbs from his grandmother and put them in his mouth, except they did not work as well as they had before.

Everywhere Cedar looked he saw only dry, cracked earth. Hours passed, he guessed, and his skin soon felt as dry as the landscape. The quenching herbs were turning sour so he spat them out, and where they landed, they dried instantly and crumbled, leaving hardly a trace of their existence. It became hard to breathe, so he took the cloth that had held his provisions and wrapped it around his face, covering his nose and mouth. The last corn cake had turned to dust, as well, and he watched with dismay as it slipped through his fingers.

Cedar stared ahead at the storm, at the line of rain, and was afraid to admit to himself that he hoped he could stand in that downpour for just a few minutes, even though it could mean losing his chance to stop it from reaching his people.


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