Cedar Stormchaser – p.15

July 16, 2012 at 5:31 pm 1 comment

As he looked down at the landscape speeding by below the clouds, Cedar frowned. The land was brown and dusty, and he remembered being thirsty on his journey. The reeds and stalks of the plants in the fields were stiff, their seed pods burst and gone. “You say we need the storms; I say we only need gentle rains.”

“You cannot clean things without some friction,” said the man. “Nor can you grow stronger by living a life of ease.”

“We do not live an easy life!” Cedar shouted. “You send us storms to destroy our homes and frighten the weak, when all we need is a little water for our crops and wells. Have my people angered the gods?” He got down on his knees and lifted his head, exposing his neck. “Do you wish my life in trade?”

The man laughed so hard that he doubled over, clutching his stomach. “Your life? To stop the storms? A hundred hundred lives would never stop them! You still think I am to blame; you don’t see yet, do you? OH!” He fell over onto the cloud, tears in his eyes, overcome with laughter.

“This is not funny! My people are in danger!” Cedar desperately tried to think of what he could do to appease this strange god, still trying to figure out what trick he was playing. The laughter only discouraged him.


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