Moksha – p.3

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One by one, the elephants lined up, trunk to tail. Moksha grabbed onto her mother’s tail and they began to walk south along the riverbank. They did not chat or play, but kept up a steady pace until sunset. By then, Moksha was tired, and did not fight her mother when it was time for bed.

The next morning, they set out again, and Moksha was bored with trying to pay attention. She began tugging at her mother’s tail and making noises. Everyone ignored her. She dug her feet into the dirt and tried to get her mother to drag her along, but she was met with a fierce look and a threatening wave of her mother’s long trunk, so she kept walking.

At the hottest, brightest part of the day, they came to a shallow part of the river, and crossed it. The water was warmer than Moksha expected it to be, and she wondered if it was safe to drink. The others all took long gulps, though, so she did, too. She thought about spraying her mother with some water but didn’t want to get stared at again, so instead she sprayed straight up into the air, and trumpeted her joy as it fell down over her.


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