Moksha – p.7

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Moksha and her new friend parted ways too soon, she felt, but the herd had to move on. She thought about what the other youngling had said, and asked her mother about it. “Was I born old?”

Her mother looked back and blinked. “Well, that is a very heavy question. Do you think so?”

“Of course not, I’m still small! You’re big when you’re old,” Moksha said. “Were you born old, mother?”

“No, I was born small and curious and silly, just like you.” She gave her daughter a pat on the head with her trunk, then turned to take hold of the tail of the elephant in front of her in line once more.

Moksha tried to picture her mother as a young, playful thing, and could not. She tried it with each member of the herd, and sometimes the thought was enough to make her snort with laughter, but she was still not convinced that any of them had ever been as young as she was. The other youngling had called them the Old ones, and Moksha believed it had always been so. As the sun set and the herd settled down to rest, Moksha wondered if she would be old soon, too, and hoped that didn’t mean she would no longer like to play in the water.


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