Moksha – p.20

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Moksha stepped closer to the raging water, her eyes locked on the waterfall. She was terrified, but calm. She felt her fear as if it were something outside of her body, and she could look at it, and know it, and then move on. Just as she was about to jump in, her feet slid out from under her and she was sliding down a muddy trail. The waterfall was right beside her, and down she went, cushioned by the mud until she landed at the bottom with a great splash.

She managed to get her trunk above the water but was pulled along by the current, away from the waterfall. She tried to push her head up so she could see but the water held her down. She began to worry that maybe she had already passed the elders, that she should try to go back, but it was no use. The best she could do was float along, pumping all four feet furiously, trying to angle herself to one bank or the other.

Presently she felt rocks beneath her feet, and tried to brace herself on them. The first one was too slippery, but the second one was rough, and she finally got her eyes above the water. She was surrounded by beautiful trees, and green, growing things in every direction. She was in the promised land, if she could only climb out of the river.


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