Endings, Beginnings, and the Hard Work In Between

January 3, 2013 at 7:06 pm 1 comment

Wikipedia says that “Moksha” is the removal of the soul from the cycle of reincarnation. It is the cease of suffering. What happens after that? You turn gold, apparently. Who knew? Another insight brought to you by the blank page.

Even though each of the tales I pen here have a big “THE END” where I stop writing, the stories do not stop. In my head, the characters continue to have adventures, and their worlds continue to spin. That makes it difficult for me, actually. Since the format of this blog is so loose, and my purpose here is to go with the flow no matter where it leads, it takes a bit of effort to halt that process. I know that at some point I must begin tying up the loose ends and find a satisfying way to bring things to a close.

You would think starting with no idea of what I’m about to write would be the hard part.

I confess that usually by the 6th or 7th post in a tale, I have already begun planning multiple endings. Moksha gave me trouble and that’s why it became the longest story on the blog so far; I kept waiting for her to tell me where she was going and she had no idea!

Off we go into a new year and a new tale. Here’s to lucky 13!


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Moksha – p.24 The Junk Box – p.1

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  • 1. Lady Red  |  January 3, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    I look forward to all the tales that this year brings 🙂


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