The Junk Box – p.1

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On a normal day in a normal town, a kid was walking down his street, looking for any excuse not to go home yet. He picked up a stick and dug in the dirt for a minute, until the owner of the yard he was digging up chased him off. He ran two streets over and found himself in a part of the neighborhood he rarely visited. No kids lived on this street, and some of the houses were vacant. He knew better than to mess around the empty houses, especially at night, but he felt bored and a little brave, so he walked around looking in windows and trying the locks on gates.

At the back of a cul-de-sac, he came upon an abandoned house with a huge pile of old furniture, toys, and broken appliances on the back patio. He poked around, looking for anything that wasn’t ruined and might be small enough that he could take home. Under a table that was missing a leg, he found a plain cardboard box full of various things, and he rummaged through it. Near the top he found a packet of collector’s cards for a game he played, unopened and still shiny. He looked around, half expecting that someone with a hidden camera was going to jump out and catch him, but he was quite alone, so he put the cards in his pocket, and dug back into the box to see what else he might find.


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