The Junk Box – p.7

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The next weekend, the girl persuaded her mother to let her have a slumber party. She invited her three closest friends over and promised them a great surprise.

When they’d all eaten their fill of pizza, changed into their pajamas, and loaded up on sugary drinks to stay awake, they retreated to the girl’s room and shut the door. She made them all sit in a circle, put their hand on their heart and make a sacred vow not to reveal to anyone else what they were about to see. Then, she went to her closet, pulled out the box and set it down in the middle of their circle. The other girls scoffed and teased her, wanting to know why she had a big box of trash in her room, and looked very disappointed. But the girl told them to just start looking through the box, to see what was in it.

Hours passed, and the girls would squeal loudly at each new treasure, more than once prompting the girl’s parents to knock on the door and ask them to keep it down. The piles grew and grew, and the excitement kept them going almost until dawn.

When they were packing up the next morning, the girl was not prepared to handle the amount of stuff they had piled up in her room, and her friends could only fit so much in their bags. They promised to come back another day to get the rest, and left.


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