The Junk Box – p.8

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The girl’s closet was overflowing; there was no more room on her shelves, in her dresser drawers, or under her bed. She collected the things that were left and stuffed them into every backpack, purse, and overnight bag she owned, and piled those up in a corner of her room. The junk box was back in the closet where she’d hidden it before, and she had no interest in looking through it again any time soon.

The next week at school, her friends could not stop talking about the box. They wanted to have another party, and bring some more girls over, because even though they’d sworn not to, they’d each told a few of their other friends.

The girl was instantly popular, but in ways she did not know how to handle. Her phone rang constantly, people who had never talked to her before showed up at her house unannounced wanting to see the box, and her studies began to slip. She got a quiz back one day with a “D” on it, which was the lowest grade she’d ever gotten on anything. She choked back tears, knowing that if she didn’t get back up to at least a “B” in that class before report cards came home, she would be in a lot of trouble.


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