The Junk Box – p.9

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That weekend, the girl went to the library to study. Not thinking, she left the door to her room open. Her mother walked by some time later and noticed all the piles of stuff. She couldn’t believe that her usually tidy daughter had let her room get into such a state, and decided to clean it.

She wondered aloud where it all came from, noting that most of it was cheap junk. As she moved things around, she realized that there was more stuff than room to store it, and there was nothing to be done except throw some of it out. She worried that her daughter might be a hoarder, and decided to have a talk with her later. She hoped she wouldn’t find any old food or used tissues hidden away.

An hour later, she had filled four large garbage bags, and just uncovered an old cardboard box in the closet. It seemed to be full of random bits of trash, but she dug a bit deeper just to make sure there was nothing important inside. She was surprised to find an expensive brand of face cream that she’d always wanted to try, new and unopened, and then a little below that there was a set of embroidered linen napkins in her favorite color. She decided to move the box to her room for the time being, until she was finished cleaning.


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