The Junk Box – p.17

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Over the next several days, the box changed hands quickly. The boy brought it into the shop, the shop owner found money in it and took it to the police, the police found crime scene evidence from long unsolved cases in it and took it to the FBI, the FBI agents found secret codes and spy gear in it and locked it up in their office.

As the FBI agents inevitably discovered the box’s strange properties, they had to make a very tough decision: keep it and admit that magic existed in the world, or destroy it and lose all the best information they’d ever come across. In the end, they decided to destroy it, and proceeded to have a very hard time doing so.

They could not burn it, rip it, crush it or bury it; it refused to be put in a trash bag or a bigger box. The agents called many special meetings, off the record, to discuss what to do with the box, but no one’s ideas ever worked out.

While this went on, people in the FBI building who had access to the box were digging through its contents for treasures while the getting was still good. That week the box produced jewelry, cash, electronics, tickets to sold-out events, and a very nice pair of Italian leather shoes with a matching belt.


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