Nuisance and the Nine Golden Keys – p.2

March 11, 2013 at 11:45 am 1 comment

Nuisance knew that he could not outrun the cat, and would never make it to a hiding place in time. “Mister Cat,” he called out in his little mouse voice, “I should like to take shelter from this rain. You have nothing to fear from me, I won’t eat a morsel of your master’s food, nor damage his stores in any way. What say you?”

Rascal grinned, showing many sharp teeth. “What say I? A tasty breakfast walks into my yard, and asks for shelter? No, says I, unless it’s the shelter of my gut!” He raised his haunches, prepared to pounce.

“You’ll not want to eat me, sir, I possess far greater value than mere nourishment,” Nuisance said. He didn’t know what he could possibly offer the cat in return for sparing his life, but he thought if he could just keep talking, and keep the cat’s attention, he would figure something out.

“What’s a small, weak morsel like you got to offer me, then? I’m well kept, and have few wants, other than food,” Rascal sneered, his tail swishing furiously.

Nuisance nodded. “I can see that, sir, you are well-fed. Do you then, sometimes, have trouble getting into small spaces, due to your impressive girth? I have no such limitation. Surely that can be of use?”


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