Nuisance and the Nine Golden Keys – p.4

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Nuisance fit easily into the hole in the wall of the barn, and once inside he headed for the shiny object the cat had seen. It was a golden ring, and on the ring were nine golden keys. Mice have no use for gold, or for keys, so he had no thought of keeping it for himself. He nudged it towards the hole, calling out, “Here, sir cat, here is the shiny thing you wanted!” As soon as the first edge of a key peeked out of the hole, Rascal’s paw came down on it. Nuisance scurried backwards, and from his safe place in the wall he watched as the cat batted the keys back and forth across the barn.

Many minutes passed this way, and Nuisance wondered if perhaps the cat had forgotten him, but he was sheltered from the rain, which was all he’d wanted in the first place, so he lay down to relax and wait for the storm to pass.

Eventually, Rascal had his fill of playing with the key ring, and trotted back to the hole. “Thank you, mouse, for retrieving the shiny for me. You can come out, now.”

“Oh, thank you,” Nuisance squeaked, “but I’m dry and warm and perfectly content here. I promise I’ll leave as soon as the storm is over.”

Rascal’s tail went swish, swish, swish.


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