Nuisance and the Nine Golden Keys – p.5

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Rascal lay down in front of the hole. “I shall keep you company, then; who knows how long the rains will last?”

“Right,” said Nuisance, his voice shaking a bit. He could not keep his eyes off the hypnotic movement of the cat’s tail. That, and the sound of the rain outside, soon sent him off to sleep.

Later, when Nuisance woke, the barn was dark, and the storm had passed. Rascal was still sleeping, though he was much closer to the hole than he had been before. There was barely room for Nuisance to get out without touching the cat, if he dared to try. He could feel his little heart pounding, and quietly began cleaning his whiskers while he debated what to do.

Just then there was a noise, and the cat’s eyes popped open. Rascal stood and spun about, facing the dog that had just entered the barn.

“Hi, Rascal, the rain stopped, let’s play!” The dog bounced around and wagged his tail, his tongue slinging drool.

“I’ve business to attend to in here, I’m afraid, Jack,” said the cat, and casually sat back down in front of Nuisance’s hiding place.

“What business?” asked Jack, still leaping about the barn. “Hey, what’s this?” he asked, having spotted the golden keys on their ring.


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