Nuisance and the Nine Golden Keys – p.6

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The golden keys glinted in the moonlight that streamed into the barn. Rascal flicked his tail and addressed the dog. “A new shiny for me. Kindly do not drool on it or I shall be angry.”

Jack let out a disappointed whine, then trotted over to where Rascal was. “I’ve been inside all day because of the rain. I want to play now!”

“It’s nearly your bed time, isn’t it?” asked the cat.

“I had a long nap!”

“Marvelous,” said Rascal. He put a paw inside the hole, but felt nothing, so drew it out again and curled it underneath himself. “I’m waiting for a friend, so please go find someone else to play with.”

“Everybody else is sleeping already.” Jack hunched down on his forelegs, his tail still wagging high in the air. “Please?”

Nuisance saw his chance. “I’ll play with you.”

Rascal hissed, but Jack had pushed him out of the way and had his nose in the hole before the cat knew what had happened. “Who’s in there? A new friend? Is this the friend you were waiting for, Rascal?”

Nuisance sat still while the dog sniffed at him. “Yes, we’re all going to be great friends, my name is Nuisance.”


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