Nuisance and the Nine Golden Keys – p.9

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The squirrel ran off, still squeaking and chattering. Nuisance went into the hole in the oak tree, and contemplated all the good luck he’d enjoyed since finding the keys. Even splattered with mud and hidden in a tree, they still shone brightly, and Nuisance wondered for the first time what it was they might unlock. He decided to keep them, even if he never found out.

The next two days passed quietly, as Nuisance could find plenty to eat in the little copse of trees, and sleep soundly in the hole of the oak. He didn’t see any more squirrels, or hear any birds; it was as if he was the king of his own private little forest.

On the third day, he discovered why all the other wild animals were staying away. The farmer, after clearing his field, had erected a huge tent, and many people were gathering to his cottage. Nuisance had never seen so many people, all with carts, chests, barrels, and sacks. The worrisome part wasn’t the people, though, rather it was all the horses, donkeys, dogs, goats and other animals that traveled with them; animals that sometimes strayed awfully close to his oak tree.


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