Nuisance and the Nine Golden Keys – p.10

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Instead of hiding from this threat to his new home, Nuisance resolved to investigate. Perhaps he could befriend some of the animals, and convince them to leave him and his copse of trees alone. Under the tent, people were making preparations for some sort of feast; here was more food than Nuisance had even known existed in the whole of the world. He vowed to come back at night and forage for scraps.

Outside of the tent, and all around the cottage and barn, animals were tethered to stakes, or hitched to wagons, or herded in temporary pens made of flimsy wood and thick rope. He was nearly stepped upon by a cow, and ran to one of the pens for shelter. Inside, clucking and pacing, was the biggest bird Nuisance had ever seen. It did not have the predatory look of a hawk, but nevertheless, he was wary, and was about to run off again, when the bird spotted him. “Oh! You, there! You must help me!”

Nuisance sat up on his hind legs and scratched his ear. He wondered if this might be a trick. “Whatever is the matter?”

“I fear that these cruel humans have decided that I am delicious,” cried the bird. “I am trapped here, awaiting my untimely demise.”


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