Nuisance and the Nine Golden Keys – p.11

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“Why don’t you just fly away, then?” Nuisance asked. “There is no top on this pen, so I don’t see how you are trapped.”

“Oh!” cried the bird, wailing and tossing its head back. “Foolish mouse, have you never seen a flightless fowl? I am a prize gobbler, fattened up all year, wings clipped, and made to suffer. So heavy am I that it is impossible even to jump over these low walls.”

“A bird who cannot fly?!” Nuisance wondered what other oddities people had brought to this gathering. He scurried around the pen, which was sturdier than most of the others, until he found the gate. It was held fast by a thick iron lock. Nuisance thought of his golden keys. “I may in fact have means to unlock this, but will you be able to run away once it is open?”

“They have not clipped the wings on my feet,” the bird replied, and ran in circles around the pen, making a gobble gobble sound, to show Nuisance how quick he could be.

Nuisance had a thought then, and asked, “Can you fight, as well as run, sir bird?”

The bird puffed out his feathered chest. “I have beaked a few other toms in my day, quite so!”

“Then, should I free you and your escape is successful, would you guard my home in the woods?”


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