Nuisance and the Nine Golden Keys – p.12

April 11, 2013 at 5:08 pm 1 comment

Nuisance ran back to his oak tree to fetch the keys. His journey there was quick and uneventful, but the way back through the massive tent was not.

The keys shone and jingled as they hung from his mouth, and the people under the tent all began pointing at him, and shouting to each other. Soon, Nuisance was having to duck under things, sprint faster than he ever had in his life, and zig-zag far out of his way just to avoid capture (or worse). By the time the bird’s pen was in sight, it seemed the whole world was trying to stop him. He was under a table, catching his breath and trying to decide what to do next, when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

“Still looking for a place to hide those keys?”

Nuisance turned, and there sat Rascal, eyes wide and grin even wider. Nuisance didn’t reply, since he still had the keyring in his mouth. Rascal took a step closer and said, “I knew you were trying to escape, but Jack sat on me and made me count to four and twenty with him. Foolish mongrel.” His tail went swish-swish-swish. “I had no desire to chase you through a muddy field, so I considered you a lost opportunity; but here you are, and this time there is nowhere safe to run to, is there?”


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