Nuisance and the Nine Golden Keys – p.16

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Nuisance scrambled up onto the dog’s back and grabbed onto his fur. “Head for those trees yonder,” he squeaked, and bit down tight onto the key ring. As he had hoped, when they dashed off, most of the crowd lost interest in the bird fight and began chasing them instead. Jack ran faster than any of the people there could, so they made it to the little copse of trees in no time at all.

As they passed the oak tree, Nuisance leapt off of Jack’s back and snuck inside. The dog didn’t notice, and kept running, followed soon after by the crowd of shouting people. The mouse waited for a few minutes, making sure the way back was clear, and headed back towards the tent, walking slower this time to keep the keys from jingling and attracting attention.

By the time he’d made it back to the bird’s pen, most of the people had gone back to their own business, and Nuisance was able to sneak right up to the gate. “Sir bird, I have returned!”

The gobbler trotted over. “Good show! It is nearly supper time, and they may yet come for me, so let us try these keys.”


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