Nuisance and the Nine Golden Keys – p.19

May 17, 2013 at 11:10 am 1 comment

The boy carried the jar into the barn, which was filled with animals but empty of other humans. He sat the jar down on the ground and stared at Nuisance. “I’ve got you, magical mouse! Now you will bring me treasure!” He opened the jar and tried to grab Nuisance, but the mouse ran up the boy’s arm, jumped off and bolted towards one end of the barn. Nuisance hid in a mound of hay that had been left for some horses, and the horses promptly stopped eating it.

“Come back!” the boy cried, and ran towards the hay. The horses whinnied and stamped their feet, which frightened the boy, and he backed up. “Quiet, you, I don’t want your rotten straw, I want the mouse!” The horses did not quiet down, and in fact became more agitated, finally chasing the boy from the barn. “I’ll be back,” he threatened as he left.

Nuisance emerged from the hay. “Thank you, kind sirs,” he said.

The horses snorted. One of them, a dark brown stallion, said, “That boy smelled of unfriendly intentions. If he does return, we will kick him.”

“Oh, I hope for his sake that he does not! Now, I must get back to the trapped bird out there, though without my keys I am not sure how I can free him,” Nuisance said.


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