The Princess and the Siege – p.3

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The princess had never seen the sea beyond the mountains, and as her maid tells her tales of it, and of the creatures that swim beneath the waves, fly overhead, or crawl along its shore, she decides that she has to go.

“No, no,” says the maid, “surely you will be seen!”

But the princess is determined. She asks the cook to prepare provisions for her journey.

“No, no,” says the cook, “surely you will be robbed!”

But the princess is trained for combat and has no fear. She asks the stable boy to ready a mount.

“No, no,” says the stable boy, “surely you meant two mounts, for I am coming with you.”

The morning of her departure dawns cold and clear, and she and the stable boy ride out from the castle at a gallop. They head to a dark, rarely used pass through the mountains, which would lead them north and east, towards the sea. As the sun climbs higher, they remain in shadow, until reaching the summit of the pass, where a beautiful golden sky welcomes them. The morning has flown by, and they rest the horses while eating a spot of lunch themselves, then set out again to head down the mountain. This leg of the journey takes much longer. The land inside the ring of mountains is higher than the land outside the ring; the mountains are tall indeed, and by the time they reached the bottom the sun has set, and the world is dark.


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