The Princess and the Siege – p.4

February 3, 2015 at 9:40 pm 1 comment

The stable boy constructs a lean-to for the princess and ties the horses up to a tree. He sits himself down with his back to her, and soon they both fall asleep.

Sounds of conversation drift over to them and the princess wakes, straining to hear the voices. Travelers on a nearby road are discussing the weather as they walk.

“…sooner this year, that’s what the seer in Hamilton said.”

“I don’t put faith in blind beggars. But right he may be all the same; I saw squirrels burying nuts before harvest was even finished.”

“Too bad we’ve no secret stash buried for ourselves. Say, since we’re throwing our lot in with the sea now, what harm comes to the fishing trade from snow?”

“Well, it was told to me thus…”

As the travelers make their way down the road, the princess frowns and gives up trying to get back to sleep. She wants to follow the two men and hear the rest of their chat. If winter is due early, and it is bad for sea creatures, her plan could be ruined.


Entry filed under: Story #13 - The Princess and the Siege.

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  • 1. Stephanie Stephens  |  February 4, 2015 at 3:04 am

    Just entranced to see where we’re going, that’s all. Lovely images, feel myself coming along on the journey ~ that’s why I love your stories !


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