The Princess and the Siege – p.5

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At sunrise, the princess wakes the stable boy and tells him of the travelers as they hurriedly break their fast. “We’ll not catch up to them, your highness,” he says, “but surely we can catch their tale, or its like, in town.”

They ride on for the better part of that day, and just as they reach the town it begins to rain–cold, fat drops that quickly soak into their garments. The princess is oblivious to the weather, for now that they have reached the shore, she is confronted by the sea, the vast, unknown ocean she has sought. The sudden storm has turned the water greenish-gray, and driven all living things away in search of shelter. The waves crash against the ships tied up along the shore, making them rise and fall, looking to her like toys in a tub, and she laughs.

An inn across from the docks serves them well, stabling their horses and selling them hot food. The princess is still captivated by the sight of the sea, and she stares out of a window, while the stable boy moves around the room, chatting with the workaday folk and asking after the weather.

Neither of them notice the man in the far corner, who pulls his feathered cap down over his eyes and sinks low in his chair, trying very hard not to let anyone see him smile.


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