The Princess and the Siege – p.6

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After their meal, the stable boy tells the princess what he has learned. “They say that winter is surely coming early, and the seers predict a fierce snow,” he says.

“And what do they say of the sea? Shall the snow delay or deny me?”

“We’ve time, I think, my lady. Our purchase should be easy enough to make in this town on the morrow.”

At that, the princess is satisfied, and they each go to their separate rooms to sleep. At dawn the following day, the princess returns to the same table to break her fast, only to find that the stable boy is seated there already, talking with a strange man. He wears a large hat with a bright blue feather in it, which seems out of place to her. Do nobles live in such small towns by the sea? As she approaches, the man quickly takes his leave and disappears out the door. “Who was that?” she asks.

“Good morrow, highness! Forgive me, I did not see you,” the stable boy says, rising to pull out a chair for her. “That man has agreed to help us. Even now he goes to bargain with the fisher folk on your behalf.”

“Oh, good,” she replies, though her gut twists in knots.


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