The Princess and the Siege – p.7

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After eating, the princess and the stable boy go to catch up to the man in the feathered cap. He is not hard to spot, being so much better attired than any of the other townsfolk. He is talking to a group of young men standing near a small boat, and they are laughing. The stable boy clears his throat and calls, “Good morrow, sirs, what news have you for my lady and I?”

The men stop laughing, but continue to smile and trade looks. The man in the feathered cap bows low and says, “My lady and her companion, these lads are willing and able to fulfill your request. They begin immediately.” The young men step quickly into their boat and push off from the shore.

“Excellent news, sir, you have our thanks,” says the stable boy. “When do they return?”

The man with the feathered cap is staring at the princess. “Three days.”

The princess frowns and stares back. “So long a time…will the weather hold?”

“We can but hope, my lady.” He turns to leave.

“Wait, I feel I must thank you…” She turns to the stable boy. “Have you paid him?”

“No, highness,” he whispers back, “he prefers to wait until the job is complete, so he said.”

“I see.” She holds out her hand for the man to kiss. “We are grateful for your help, sir…?”

The man does not take the princess’ hand. Instead, he tips his hat, grins, turns quickly and walks away. “Three days,” he calls back over his shoulder.


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