The Princess and the Siege – p.8

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The days pass, and the princess spends them wandering around town, getting to know the people and asking questions about the sea. She learns about the tides, the creatures that live in the water–which are dangerous and which are tasty–and she learns about the art of beach combing. On the first day, she finds driftwood and takes it to a local fisherman.

“Is this of value?” she asks.

“Not to me, my lady, but all things have some use.”

On the second day, she finds a large shell and takes it to the inn keeper.

“What manner of beast did this come from?” she asks.

“A slimy one, but it makes a good stew!”

On the third day, she finds a dark glass bottle, corked, with paper inside. She takes it to the stable boy.

“Should we open this?” she asks.

“By all means!” He pulls the cork, shakes the paper out and hands it to her.

She reads: “Whosoever findeth this bottle, know ye that ’twas drunk at the wedding feast of King Hubert and the Lady Sarafina, long may they reign.”

“King Hubert ruled the southern lands a hundred years ago,” said the stable boy. “How long this bottle has been adrift!”

The princess nodded. “The sea is strange indeed.”


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The Princess and the Siege – p.7

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