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The Adventures of Aquarius Boy – p.12

Aquarius Boy’s dream had always been to fly, it was true; but now that he was up in the air, separated from his family, his home, and the land, he was desperate to go back to normal. He had trouble believing it, himself! Flying was glorious, but being alone and distant from the world was too much to ask in return.

He said to the leader of the starlings, “Yes, I wanted to fly, but I did not want to be stuck in the sky for all time. Is there no way to get down?”

The birds all chirped and began to circle Aquarius Boy, until he became quite dizzy from watching them, and put his hands over his eyes. He was frightened and tried to call out to them to stop.

“Stop? Stop what? Are you all right, child?” It was the voice of the golden Lion.

Aquarius Boy opened his eyes to find he was lying on the ground, and the sun was shining. The Lion was sitting beside him, and so were the Scorpion and the Bull. “What happened? What are you all doing here?”

The Scorpion said, “You fell from the tree when it was struck by lightning; the starlings swooped down to catch you but your weight was too much for them. I’m afraid you hit the ground rather hard.”

The Bull snorted, “Made quite a lot of noise, too.”

Aquarius Boy looked up into the tree. The birds were gone. He stood and brushed himself off. “Thank you for watching over me; I should be getting home now.”

“Giving up on learning to fly for today, then?” asked the Lion.

“For today,” said Aquarius Boy, smiling.



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The Adventures of Aquarius Boy – p.11

As Aquarius Boy descended through the clouds, the land lay like a patchwork quilt beneath him, and he promptly forgot his decision to visit the birds in the tree. He was enchanted all over again by the breathtaking view of the world.

The land at night was dotted with light from homes and cities, like man-made stars. Aquarius Boy smiled and laughed, and then wondered if he could find his own house. He changed direction and soon found himself high above the small place he called home. His mother and father were standing by the front door, and he could hear them calling his name.

Aquarius Boy yelled down to them, but they could not hear, so he tried to fly lower, but found that it was difficult; it felt as if something were holding him aloft and would not let him get too close to the ground.

He flew in frantic circles around his house, calling out at the top of his lungs, but could not be heard, and his parents never once looked up. Suddenly the flock of starlings came into view, heading east. He flew to meet them. “Help me, please, I don’t know how to land!”

The leader of the formation chirped back, “Oh? Didn’t you want to fly?”

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The Adventures of Aquarius Boy – p.10

Aquarius Boy could not believe what was happening to him. He was soaring through thick gray clouds, rising higher and faster, without even flapping his arms. It seemed as if all he had to do was think about going up, and up he went.

Presently he rose through the top of the clouds and all around him was the clear blue sky. The sun was dipping towards the horizon, and as he flew he watched it set, delighting in all the changing colors of the very air he floated on: pink, orange, purple, and indigo, until finally the stars came out, and the crescent moon appeared. He flew and flew, unaware of the passing of time, his eyes fixed on the constellations and planets of the firmament.

He was filled with joy, but with questions, too, and began to wonder how it was that he could fly at all. He could not remember the starlings teaching him; in fact, they had not even spoken to him. He decided to pay them another visit, and show them that he no longer needed their help. He aimed his thoughts at the ground, and sank beneath the clouds again.

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The Adventures of Aquarius Boy – p.9

The starlings were quiet as the storm raged around them. The thunder was getting louder with every passing minute. Aquarius Boy was not discouraged, though, and simply smiled up at them. Perhaps, he thought, they cannot speak. Then, careful not to lose his balance, he slowly raised his arms, and flapped them like wings once; twice; three times. He pointed at his chest, then up at the sky, and finally at all of the birds.

He couldn’t have been more plain and clear, he figured, and waited for the starlings to make some sign that they understood and would agree to teach him to fly.

Instead, there came a brilliant flash of lightning; Aquarius Boy’s entire field of vision turned white and he felt himself falling; or was he floating? He felt warm, and there was a single note of music in his ears. He realized his eyes were shut tight, so he opened them and saw…clouds.

Clouds! He was flying!

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The Adventures of Aquarius Boy – p.8

Thunder rumbled and the storm kept Aquarius Boy and the Lion together in their tiny refuge, though neither of them spoke for a long time. Each was convinced that the other was being stubborn and short-sighted.

The Lion began snoring softly. Aquarius Boy had not noticed him fall asleep. He crept to the opening between the boulders and peered out into the rain. He could still see the tree a short distance away, and the starlings were still huddled in its branches.

With a quick glance over his shoulder at the sleeping Lion, Aquarius Boy ducked out and ran to the tree. By the time he had reached it, he was soaked through, but as determined as ever. He looked up at the birds, and fancied that they were looking back at him, waiting for him to come up to meet them. One slippery hold at a time, he made his way up the trunk, wincing each time the lightning flashed, but never giving up until he had reached a high branch where he could sit near the starlings.

The birds were no longer chirping; they had watched in fear as this boy ascended the tree, but did not fly away because of the storm. They stared in silence at Aquarius Boy, and he laughed.

“What a somber welcome! Aren’t you even going to say ‘Hello’ or anything?”

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The Adventures of Aquarius Boy – p.7

The golden Lion walked ahead and went into a space between some large boulders. Aquarius Boy had never seen them before, and marveled at their size. When he entered the space, he found it was like a tiny cave, with only a small opening at the top where the boulders did not touch.

It began to rain, but they did not get wet.

Aquarius Boy grinned at the Lion. “This is much better than being up in the tree; but as soon as the storm is done, I must go back.”


“I want the birds to teach me to fly!”

The Lion put his head down on his big front paws and frowned. “Hmmph. If you want a teacher, forget the birds. I could show you much worth knowing.”

“You know how to fly?!”

“Of course not,” said the Lion.

It was Aquarius Boy’s turn to frown. “There is nothing else I want to learn.”

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The Adventures of Aquarius Boy – p.6

Aquarius Boy had just started to shinny up the trunk of the tree when he heard a great roar coming from below. In the shade of the tree sat a golden Lion, and he was glaring at Aquarius Boy.

“Get down here, child,” the Lion growled.

“I am not at all sure that’s safe,” he answered, still clinging to the tree trunk. He could hear the starlings high above, chirping nervously.

“It is certainly safer than climbing a tree when the thunder and lightning are on their way.” The Lion opened his mouth, breathing with his nose and mouth together, scenting the storm. “It will be a fierce one.”

Aquarius Boy was doubtful. “The birds are safe here, aren’t they?”

“You are not a bird.” The Lion stood. “Come with me, I know a place that will be dry and sheltered.”

“Okay,” he said, glancing up at the starlings once more before sliding back down the tree trunk to the ground.

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