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Moksha – p.24

Moksha walked through the trees and soon found that she could no longer hear the water. They came to a clearing then, and the two elders lay down at the edge, as if afraid or unable to go further. “Why have you stopped?” Moksha asked, and it was then that she saw the others.

As far as she could see, the land was gold, as were all the animals in it. Creatures she had never seen, and some she thought she recognized, all grazing and walking about as if they hadn’t a care in the world. Her first instinct was to run out to join them, to see what golden plants tasted like, to breathe golden air; but she could not understand why the elders were not following her.

She turned back to them, but they were gone. She ran back to the river to find them, but they weren’t there. She caught a glimpse of herself in the water, and was shocked to see that she had turned gold, too. A peace settled over her then, an absence of hurt and worry. Moksha rejoined the golden animals in the clearing, knowing that the tribe would be there soon. The promised land would wait for them, and so would she.



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Moksha – p.23

The water flowed swiftly but Moksha kept her trunk above the surface. She did not try to swim or steer herself, and found that if she forgot to be scared, she was having fun. The river rushed her past rocks and roots without a scratch, eventually slowing enough that Moksha could lift her head above the water and look around.

Ahead of her, the river turned and disappeared behind trees. In the bend, the water was shallow and wide, and there stood the two elders from the herd, drinking their fill.

She trumpeted and they turned to watch her approach. As soon as she got close, she reached out and linked trunks with them one at a time. They showed her great affection and then turned towards the shore, motioning for her to follow. She wondered for a moment whether she should wait in case the others might have followed her, but went with the elders. They were in the promised land and she was eager to see more!

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Moksha – p.22

“I am trying to find some elders from my herd who fell into the river,” Moksha told the golden animal. “But I can’t get to shore.”

The creature tilted its head. “Why do you want to go to the shore? Would your elders have done so?”

Moksha thought for a moment. “I don’t know. They might still be tired from our journey,” she said, and began to worry anew about them. If she had this much difficulty getting to shore, and she was younger and more rested than they…

“Then follow them,” the golden animal said, and turned to go. “The river will take you where you are meant to be; it can do nothing else.”

Moksha watched it go, and when it had disappeared into the trees again, she took a deep breath and relaxed her feet and legs, and the current rushed her away.

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Moksha – p.21

The water was swift, and Moksha knew she could not brace herself against the rock for very long. She was in the middle of the river, equidistant from both banks, so she wasn’t sure which one to try for. She tried to imagine what the elders might have done if they had come this way.

There was a sound to her left, and when she looked she saw a strange animal on the shore. It had come down to the river for a drink, but it stopped when it saw Moksha. It was covered with a fine, golden fur, with shining antlers longer than any Moksha had ever seen on any gazelle. It looked at her with large, dark eyes and then walked out into the water.

Moksha was about to call out to it, to warn it that the current was too swift, but the water was stilled wherever the golden creature went, and it had soon reached the rock where she was. Looking into her eyes, it asked in a warm voice, “Why do you struggle so?”

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Moksha – p.20

Moksha stepped closer to the raging water, her eyes locked on the waterfall. She was terrified, but calm. She felt her fear as if it were something outside of her body, and she could look at it, and know it, and then move on. Just as she was about to jump in, her feet slid out from under her and she was sliding down a muddy trail. The waterfall was right beside her, and down she went, cushioned by the mud until she landed at the bottom with a great splash.

She managed to get her trunk above the water but was pulled along by the current, away from the waterfall. She tried to push her head up so she could see but the water held her down. She began to worry that maybe she had already passed the elders, that she should try to go back, but it was no use. The best she could do was float along, pumping all four feet furiously, trying to angle herself to one bank or the other.

Presently she felt rocks beneath her feet, and tried to brace herself on them. The first one was too slippery, but the second one was rough, and she finally got her eyes above the water. She was surrounded by beautiful trees, and green, growing things in every direction. She was in the promised land, if she could only climb out of the river.

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Moksha – p.19

Moksha pulled away and began to run downstream. She shouted back at the herd, “I am already refreshed, I can go now!” She could see the wisdom of their delay but she could not stand around waiting when there might be something she could do to help.

She had not run far when she heard the rush of water grow louder, so loud that it drowned out all other sound. She stopped short when the trees before her gave way to nothing; she had reached the edge of the land. Far below, the river raged. Moksha turned and beheld the great waterfall that fed the river. Her heart raced, her thoughts scattered, and she stamped her feet, almost in a panic. This powerful water scared her into inaction, but only for a short while. She remembered the two elders and began looking around the base of the waterfall.

She could see nothing but white water, spray and foam.

Moksha convinced herself that they must have been carried further downstream, and she had to find a way to get down into the promised land so she could help them. So intent on this, so sure of herself, she decided she could ride the waterfall down, just as they must have done.

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Moksha – p.18

Moksha led them to the water’s edge and watched them drink. The slick rocks proved challenging, and to everyone’s horror, two of the oldest members of the herd lost their footing, and fell in. The swift running water swept them quickly out of sight.

“Mother, we have to help them!” Moksha cried, tugging on her mother’s tail.

“We cannot help them until we are all refreshed, we are too weak. Let us all drink more carefully and then we will journey downstream.”

Moksha was in a panic. “But they might be hurt…or worse!”

Her mother did not answer, but went to drink with the others. Moksha walked a few steps away and turned to look back. She felt torn, having just promised herself never to leave the herd again, but her heart beat so in her chest… “Mother! Please hurry!”

Another member of the tribe walked over and put his now wet trunk on her head. “Young one, the water moves swiftly. Their fate was sealed the moment they fell in; no amount of haste will change that now. Better we find them when we are strong enough to help, if help is needed.”

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